Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Taking the Lead of My Own LIfe

Having endured many complicated situations in the past, doesn't guarantee I may come across many other new challenges to face and overcome in the future. Even if I have learned a few lessons along the way, in this life, we go through a never ending training.

I am certain that no matter what my past may have held, I can always let go of it and use my negative experiences to make myself stronger when tackling the future.

Of course, It is all about choices. Either I chose to move on and look forward or I  take the decision to stay where I am, whining, complaining, letting all the negative emotions run me down and  making a fuss about how bad life is or everything else in it that  makes me feel miserable. 

I chose to be Happy, Free from Burden and Wiser every day. 

It apparently seems pretty light and easy, right? Let me tell you, It's not, at least for me, but totally worth the try.

With each passing day there is a new milestone and a new setback. I am in a constant sweet battle within myself to maintain  balance and keep up this high standard life setting goal of not being defeated by adversity.

I 'm aware of a few resources I use to help me continue this habit of not letting negative occurrences hinder my life, not allowing me to move on delivering my best, with  the necessary openness and gratitude needed to attract all that I deserve.

At first, I ponder over my actions in detail looking deep into myself to find which are the payoffs I get from them. I search for a pattern in all the emotions that spread around my body. In this way, I acquire more knowledge about my subconscious self, the one I am not rationally in contact with all day. It is being more aware of our body language and how it manifests itself.

Another essential ingredient is Gratitude. Every time I am surprised by an unfortunate event, I automatically search for all the positive things I may learn around it and everything I have to be grateful for. Therefore perceptions change and so the parameters of the downside.

I don't take thing personally. (Period) It happened to me, It may have happened to anybody else. It's a consequence of an action and any variable I may say to myself is enough. Acting like a Victim makes me nauseous, it means no power over my life, body, soul and mind. A lot can happen, but no one and nothing is going to snatch the experience I chose of my own existence.

No regrets. Why waste my precious time condemning myself with regrets of doing something wrong at a time in the past where I thought it was right?. I do like to acknowledge my mistakes or the inaccurate roads that lead me to something I would later realize it was not the very best for me.  I find important to observe and learn. But definitely  torturing myself with regret is not my style. Apart from this, I am convinced that everything has a purpose, and If it was there, It is because it had to be.

I change the impact of thoughts and memories. I bet all of us have felt some kind of suffering in our lives. It is inevitable. In fact, life seems to go out of its way to provide us with some exquisite forms of suffering. Well, I think that having around bad memories that only produce pain will keep me away from enjoying life fully and being joyful everyday.  I shrink down crappy memories and push them away, instantly making them weaker – and again, make myself feel better in the process.

These are the resources that allow me to have control of my own life. I hope you find them useful.

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