Monday, May 13, 2013

Wake Up, it is time.

It's the Era of Change, A Revolution of Consciousness, the awakening process of  our higher self. Throughout many years of human life, many wise people have been shareing thoughts about our existance. Many of them have been shuttered, censored, taken for fools, believed crazy, named as witches, and even killed for their ideas.

Still their legacy remained.

Thanks to the globalization of information through the internet, many teachings and wise words have travelled the planet in seconds, making it possible for us to read, internalize knowledge and act according to it.

It is the right time to wake up, and realize that we have misunderstood life. For the fortune of few, our brains have been wired  with limited, erroneous and misleading beliefs.

Fortunately, we now have the chance to access our brain, rewire correctly many of the incorrect concepts and start experiencing this incredible world as we should.

We have within our grasp the opportunity to start again. Start to live a new life with enthusiasm. More pure, more aware and more happy, where we connect with everything around us.

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