Saturday, April 24, 2010

Holding Hands

I was just thinking to myself the relation between achieving my short term goals and self-esteem, and I realized that they are both holding hands.

During that period of my life where I could hardly notice the horizon, and darkness was polluting my days, my strength and motivation towards something healthier gave me the possibility of turning everything around and be free from the crap that I installed around me.

My first goal at that period was "TO CURE MYSELF".

I had my two boys to fight for, they were my engine and I had to drive the best I could.

I remember those sessions with my therapist were I couldn't stand any more pain, and he would recommend me taking some pills. Every time he did that, I would mention him: ¨I do not need pills, I will get cured, I am here to do that, and that is exactly what I am going to do."

My determination helped me get through it and moved me one step forward improving my self esteem since I was now more confident with myself. If I had gone through that hard time and cured myself, there was a lot more I could do, right?

Once sadness and depression left my state, I decided to set some short term goals for my life. At that period they seemed somehow hard to reach, but as I said before, I am positive that nothing is impossible.

One of my goals was to be able to spend holidays with my sons, so I had to work harder. I did, and I realized in the meantime that I was pretty good at my job. Not only I achieved rapidly my goal, but also my self-esteem regarding professional aspects boosted as well.

I have been settleing short and long term goals since then. Personal growth goals, spiritual goals, esthetics goals and so on, many of them reached with success. Every one of them gave me the necessary satisfaction to rise even more my self-esteem.

My mission now is to motivate others accomplish their goals and empower them to build up their self esteem. With some determination and believing in ourselves we are one step ahead in attaining a beter life.