Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wrapping Up With Fanfare

And so it is that the end of this marvelous year is coming to an end. I feel blessed for having so many good moments, experiences and the opportunity that life gave me to cross with many wonderful human beings.

This year I decided to enjoy the small things in life that really count. I reconnected with friends; I organized my schedule to have more quality time with my kids; I was open to meet new interesting people; I started sharing my thoughts and dedicated time to do the things I am passionate about. I tried every day to let myself be free, to enjoy life like crazy, laughing out loud and pouring lots of smiles.

It was a tough year economically because of the international and local crisis, but I didn’t let this be a stone in my road, I new for sure that everything was going to be ok as long as I kept being positive and working hard; like it has been said so many times, with every crisis there is an opportunity, and my opportunity was to have more time to grow spiritually in spite of having to extremely tighten up my expenses.

True love hasn’t yet come to my door, but despite this there are no worries whatsoever. I am positively sure that there is someone especial for me somewhere in the globe and we will meet when ever the time is right.

Folks I feel so happy that I am about to burst. Yet there where some days that I had experienced sad moments that come with life and I didn’t want to ignore, because fortunately, I have the acquired resources to move on, and make of every hard time, a space to learn, to forgive myself and others, and try to see the beauty within.

I feel at peace. Such an incredible feeling, I longed for many years in my past.

For everything I am cheerfully grateful!! And as Life Coach Susan Liddy recommended, here is MY GRATITUDE LIST.

I am thankful for:

- My caring, charming and sweet loving son Sebastian. He brings joy to my life in every sense.

- My merry, gracious, outgoing and sweet loving son Nicolas. He inspires me with his thoughts and his wishes to create things and be a better person.

- My family that is always there for me with their selflessly love.

- My true friends, few but unconditional.

- My life friends, with whom I have laughed, enjoyed, danced, singed and have lots of unforgettable memories.

- My work that I take pleasure in doing it.

- My City that I love and delight me with its parks and architecture.

- My lovers, with whom I have had magic, hectic moments.

- My health

- My past: good or bad, sad or gay, tough or simple.

- My capacity to ask for help and let myself be strong to move on, even when I think I have no longer strength.

- Music, all of it.

I could go on a on naming everything I am grateful for, but now I will take some time to think about my new year’s resolutions, and plan how can I continue my work on being a better person, of helping others and of course trying to let myself BE FREE FROM MYSELF.