Friday, March 26, 2010

Creating the Dots

I had experienced things in life, where I really didn't t understood what the real purpose of it was. I look back and see I have lived so many different situations and in some of them I just didn't have a clue. I guess, they prepare us for life and new upcoming events, even if they do not have at a present moment a certain defined meaning. Somehow in my case I think I needed to live them in order to grow and learn.

There is always a reason and a blessing.

Moving forward helps me a lot. The past is no longer there, and it will not determinate my future. I build my own life, I choose the steps to follow, and in any case, if something unexpected comes my way, I will try to accommodate, use my mind to understand what goes on, and continue.Not an easy statement to follow when feelings are at stake.

I sometimes convince myself that I shouldn't let go, and I make everything there is in my power to hold on to those emotions that produce such incredible feelings of fulfillment, love and tenderness.

Then I come to my senses and say to myself that I will not get defeated. Even if I feel overwhelmed, a bit scared perhaps or, I stumble a little bit, but none of it will get on my way to continue with the conviction and the profound desire to get the best out of life and not anchoring myself into suffering or resentment.

I have a Cause. Be my true self and give the people I love the best of me.

I have an objective. Lead and manage my life to achieve my goals. For this I need to learn everyday how to be an effective manager!

I have dreams. Some of them could be somehow pretentious, or quite unattainable. But I am positive that nothing is impossible.

All experiences and moments I remember with sympathy, with sadness or with love are the dots I have been creating in my life and the steps that lead me to my present state, in which I feel empowered and proud. No need to feel bad about old mistakes or unresourful actions.

Surely a day will come where I will look back and get the big picture finished.