Thursday, October 8, 2009

Butterfly Strokes

It has been quite a while now, and I have been truly enjoying the pleasures of feeling free, of being independent and of rediscovering the wonders of life. I have been savoring the results of surrounding myself with positive energy, beauty, peace of mind, inner tranquility, love, joy and leaving behind the prejudice, fear , low esteem, and any kind of influence from others.

It is the commitment I have decided to make on a daily basis. As I start everyday with a smile ,being grateful with all I already have, then go through the hours trying to do my best, enjoying, finding solutions wherever any kind of eventual problem arrive, living fully each blessed second, having amusing times and sharing with others my thoughts, accomplishments, dreams, I believe that in a sense, I am trying to encourage others to feel free as well.

Sometimes I guess I sound as if everything I describe seems so very easy to earn, but that is not true, it takes one step at a time, never throwing in the towel and always moving forward. After a while the exercise of letting go of the dark shadows from the past, the already set vices, the remembrance of those days you once felt blissful and seem so far away, will become easier.

Right now I can proudly confess that I am beginning to have control over my own inner and outer life. There is still so much to work on, learn and experience, but I strongly make certain that I am transiting the right path and wow, it feels really amazing.

Learning to live with your new self, your free spirit and your new desire to live profoundly is a road I have never walked through until now.

Friends I carry the need to express my experience through these lines and I have the sincere desire that it will be helpful for those who need positive changes, or have lost their way in the chaos of existence.