Friday, May 15, 2009

Becoming a Free Person

Once we can leave in the past the constant rules that we should be how others expect us to be, that what we like or do or feel need the approval from others, the judgment and the criticism, we can start becoming a free person.

Whether we use crazy outfits, walking through the streets with the look of everyone at us, or dancing believing that we are a famous dancer, or getting in and out of relationships without getting wounded or whatever our choices are, that represent ourselves, we have to feel free to express them. Do not fear. Once we have accomplished this, we will feel inside of us satisfaction, joy and peace.

I have been criticized, censured, disaproved and had many people around me trying to turn me down, but once I learnt to love myself and to trust me , it was easier to manage these aggressions, and I even profit from this by realizing who it really mattered to me to be part of my life.
I once told my dear younger brother that I understood what he said about everybody loving me and their worries about me, but I would only care about those that could love me and accept me as I was, even if I had different opinions or views. About the rest, I wasn´t interested.

I believe the world is upside down, everyone looks outside, instead of inside, I hate the judgments or critics, who are we to judge? Do we have the absolute knowledge of things? Why we consider ourselves better than others? There are so many questions that come to my mind.
We are just human beings, trying to live in harmony, love and peace. Why is it so difficult to obtain this?

I can assure you that I struggle every day to let myself be free, to look at life without all the layers of standardized concepts that were injected to us since we were born.

Every day is a new one to live, to experiment, to enjoy, to thank, to learn and to give.
Nurture your dreams, yours feelings, your inner voice, your desires and LIVE.

We have this wonderful gift named LIFE. I do not want to waste it away. There are so many greatful things. I will continue with my search of happiness and fulfillment. Now I know I am not alone, I have my circle of trust, my kids that I love, my family that respects me, my friends that laugh with me and do not judge me and the strength to continue even when I fall, because I know I can get right up and step forward with a SMILE.