Friday, September 10, 2010

Wondering About LOVE

LOVE, four letters that form this amazing, yet complicated and hard to understand, powerful word.

What does Love means?
What is really to LOVE?
What Happens when we Love?
How do we feel when being Loved?
or Not feeling Loved?
Is it the love for life the same as the love for someone?
How do we really Love?
Why do we expect the love of others to feel complete?

There are so many questions about Love right?

What I do know now, is that the only love that has to be reached first, and be happy about it with no complaint is the love for oneself. The real spiritual self, the soul within the body. With the strengths and weaknesses, to know oneself truly and connect deep inside.

Loving oneself gives us peace and tranquility and the chance to acknowledge and accept our own weaknesses in order to change without feeling harassed by our own egoic fear of not being perfect.

Loving oneself gives us the wisdom to see our virtues and the power to develop them and give others the best we have to offer.

Loving oneself let's us see the beauty in others. All of us are special and unique.

Loving oneself gives freedom to Love sincerely without expecting something in return, as love is within, the love of others will not be needed to fill any emptiness.

Loving oneself gives us more time to give others our own Love, as we no longer spend time pretending to be someone else, performing an act about an "us" that doesn't really exists.

Loving oneself gives us a different perspective towards life and everything that surrounds us. We are able to see through the "eyes of love", thus, our compassion and appreciation of beauty increases greatly.

Loving oneself empower us to encourage others to also love themselves, because we know the feeling is worth it, so we become more generous.

Loving oneself helps us enjoy more this wonderful life.

Loving oneself will eliminate negative talk in our minds, fear, resentment, hate, envy, jealousy, avarice, sadness, and melancholy, and incredible positive emotions that will make our life rich in all aspects will emerge.

Wouldn't you start today to love yourself a bit more?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Stepping Out The Cocoon

Last year I started writing about a few situations that came along with my life, what I have been through and finally a sum of thoughts.

One year later, I feel that that same day I sat in front of my laptop and started typing without any established thoughts, putting down into words what came out of my heart; I was in a way reborn.

The Awakening of my awareness just a little towards LIFE.

With a still limited perspective, as that of a baby who discovers that he can start giving steps towards an unimagined new world .

Today I consider myself as a toddler, with tiny hands reaching out to find knowledge and wisdom within myself, the real Me. Only the truth of who I Am will set me free.

I am in the path of exploring the hidden terrain of my mind. How I act and react to different situations. I know there’s a lot to learn about myself.

I struggle to stay on an emotional balance day to day and it is not at all easy. Finding equilibrium, getting rid of my egoic mind is such a hard work. I am overcome with sadness for days or hours, still, I am putting a great deal of energy in finding the way to manage my emotions in a more efficient way.

I am encouraged to keep on developing my awareness to a new dimension of consciousness, although achieving this may take a very long time

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Holding Hands

I was just thinking to myself the relation between achieving my short term goals and self-esteem, and I realized that they are both holding hands.

During that period of my life where I could hardly notice the horizon, and darkness was polluting my days, my strength and motivation towards something healthier gave me the possibility of turning everything around and be free from the crap that I installed around me.

My first goal at that period was "TO CURE MYSELF".

I had my two boys to fight for, they were my engine and I had to drive the best I could.

I remember those sessions with my therapist were I couldn't stand any more pain, and he would recommend me taking some pills. Every time he did that, I would mention him: ¨I do not need pills, I will get cured, I am here to do that, and that is exactly what I am going to do."

My determination helped me get through it and moved me one step forward improving my self esteem since I was now more confident with myself. If I had gone through that hard time and cured myself, there was a lot more I could do, right?

Once sadness and depression left my state, I decided to set some short term goals for my life. At that period they seemed somehow hard to reach, but as I said before, I am positive that nothing is impossible.

One of my goals was to be able to spend holidays with my sons, so I had to work harder. I did, and I realized in the meantime that I was pretty good at my job. Not only I achieved rapidly my goal, but also my self-esteem regarding professional aspects boosted as well.

I have been settleing short and long term goals since then. Personal growth goals, spiritual goals, esthetics goals and so on, many of them reached with success. Every one of them gave me the necessary satisfaction to rise even more my self-esteem.

My mission now is to motivate others accomplish their goals and empower them to build up their self esteem. With some determination and believing in ourselves we are one step ahead in attaining a beter life.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Creating the Dots

I had experienced things in life, where I really didn't t understood what the real purpose of it was. I look back and see I have lived so many different situations and in some of them I just didn't have a clue. I guess, they prepare us for life and new upcoming events, even if they do not have at a present moment a certain defined meaning. Somehow in my case I think I needed to live them in order to grow and learn.

There is always a reason and a blessing.

Moving forward helps me a lot. The past is no longer there, and it will not determinate my future. I build my own life, I choose the steps to follow, and in any case, if something unexpected comes my way, I will try to accommodate, use my mind to understand what goes on, and continue.Not an easy statement to follow when feelings are at stake.

I sometimes convince myself that I shouldn't let go, and I make everything there is in my power to hold on to those emotions that produce such incredible feelings of fulfillment, love and tenderness.

Then I come to my senses and say to myself that I will not get defeated. Even if I feel overwhelmed, a bit scared perhaps or, I stumble a little bit, but none of it will get on my way to continue with the conviction and the profound desire to get the best out of life and not anchoring myself into suffering or resentment.

I have a Cause. Be my true self and give the people I love the best of me.

I have an objective. Lead and manage my life to achieve my goals. For this I need to learn everyday how to be an effective manager!

I have dreams. Some of them could be somehow pretentious, or quite unattainable. But I am positive that nothing is impossible.

All experiences and moments I remember with sympathy, with sadness or with love are the dots I have been creating in my life and the steps that lead me to my present state, in which I feel empowered and proud. No need to feel bad about old mistakes or unresourful actions.

Surely a day will come where I will look back and get the big picture finished.