Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Turning The Page in Slow Motion

How many times we are stuck in situations that in spite all of our efforts we cannot change the outcome?

How many times we found ourselves doing over an over the same and receiving the exactly same results?

Maybe it is a relationship we cannot move forward into a higher level. Maybe it is our way of communicating, or a job we desperately need to finish. Whatever it is, sometimes we either start trying different ways around it, or we have to get the courage to turn the page and move on to something else.

And while I was thinking about this, and having the knowledge that this is what I have been doing for a long time, I thought, that turning the page doesn't mean that we always have the ability to do so in a fast, sudden unconscious way. We have to acknowledge that this is what we need to do, work with it, connect with the emotions that our body expresses and find ways to cope with our state of mind in order to let things flow into a new direction.

This process which I particularly find interesting, healthy and positive, in my case, needs to be done in slow motion. We cannot stress ourselves out trying to put things behind , people or situations from one day to another.  It is no so easy to shift into something new. Letting things go produces many times fear and definitely gets you out of your comfort zone. Still, it is wise to start with the exercise of moving forward. Day by day, little by little. Encouraging ourselves and feeling certain that every end has a new beginning and that this new beginning is an opportunity for something great.

If you need to turn your page in any aspects of your current moment, do it, but in slow motion. Before you realize you will be exited with something new and the past, will just remain in the past.

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