Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mysterious Ways

As I was breathing some fresh air in my home's balcony, it crossed my mind U2's song " She moves in mysterious Ways" and even it may have nothing to do with what I am about to write It made me think about the mysteries of life. She sure moves in mysterious ways.      
If I go back 20 years from now, I would never have  guessed what life had prepared for me and how drastic  the changes in my way of thinking would be.
We change. Regardless of our constant attachment to things, people or thoughs, without being quite conscious about it, we do change.

All our life experiences move us to a new dimension, they polish us and little by little we become a new us. I am glad for that.

Due to my limited education in means of openness and free thinker, on my younger years I would somehow divide, look down on and underestimate other people. Foolish me.
I was skeptical and contained within the boundaries that my family, school and religion would impose.

Eager to live life fully, and passionate as I am, with time those walls began to break down. My own mistakes and the hard reality of life, made me grow, understand myself and above all be open to everyone around me with their differences and similarities.
Before, My essence  and true self were hidden underneath layers of insecurities, ignorance and lack of internal freedom.

As my life moved on and sailing   through rough waters, I learnt that we are all One. Each individual is a diamond stone. Some precious, some being polish and some others still rough,  but all of us  dealing with the uncertainty of our existence, moving forward to the challenges that arrive at our doorstep.

As a wide river that flows constantly,branching from time to time, we wake up from the mist of our own beliefs. What we once hated, we love. What we once criticized , we accept. What we once ignored we embrace. We are constantly changing, and if we follow our heart and intuition, free from judgment and filled with love, the mysteries of life won't reveal themselves but they will  surely be welcomed as gifts so that we can keep on growing in awareness, acceptance and love.

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