Sunday, November 11, 2012

If The Bridge Starts to Wobble.. Don't Worry!

It doesn’t matter how much you have evolved in your life. There is always so much to acknowledge and to learn from new experiences and outcomes.
I have been mastering myself for many years now, and still I know I have a long road ahead of me. It is funny that sometimes when you think that  everything’s is going right there is a  sudden shift and uncertainty appears.

Last year I had an intense couple of months  filled with changes, new responsibilities and great challenges. Even being  emotionally stable, all these changes I went thought  moved me from my shaft as if a hurricane had passed over me. I felt  lost and it was hard to find my way back to that fine peaceful  equilibrium between mind and body that I once had.

In a two month period I moved my office, I moved my home, I worked abroad for 2 weeks leaving my children at home,  and I got a an additional new job with high expectations placed upon me.

It was too much to handle.

I got distressed, my children suffered my absence and apart from that some night panic and insomnia hit on me. It was awful.  I couldn’t get my stuff together.  My once organized, fulfilling happy life was out of sight.

Being determined in giving the best of me as one of my life rules, I knew that even if we are in total darkness we can  find light and  all the answers and strengths are inside of us. We are capable of making the changes we want for our lives. In chaos possibilities appear.
I could feel that silent inner spirit that seeks certainty, comfort and peace whispering me that everything was going to be fine, I was going to find a way out in order to be in a better place. I trusted that, cause I know that we have to be open to it, aware, listening our intuition and the messages of our body.

In fact that is what it happened, my soul  find a way to express through art .  I have learned that one of my most intense defense mechanisms is the sublimation of emotions, thus being totally stressed, burned out, and lost in my mind, all of that transformed into the desire to share messages of peace and love in drawings. A new window opened. I found myself illustrating every day for hours and little by little I got back on track.

I reorganized my life, made massive changes again and bet on my intelligence and trust in myself that I was going to move forward from this step to get into a new unknown  road where I could make better choices, being more aware to prevent going to far out of my path.

If you are not going through a good period of your life. Do no lose faith! Be Determined and trust in Yourself that you can Move Forward and change whatever is wrong in your life.

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