Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What is it that life is trying to teach me today?

One of my my friends in facebook, posted that question today on his timeline. An amazing question, I may say.

I can see that there is a great amount of people learning to live in the NOW, the present moment. Accepting life as it is and letting things flow.   Whatever happens to us has an effect in our lives. Probably we can't see clearly  why things turn as they do, but I am positive that after a while the meanings of our outcomes or situations slowly appear and they are there to teach us something.

As I posted before I see my life as a huge puzzle with loads of  colourful little peaces. At first when don't have a clue what the big picture  is and there is always that cheeky wirdly shapped piece that we cannot fit anywhere.

If  we connect with out emotions and we learn to align our actions, being more and more present in the moment, we will be capable of instantly learn the lessons meant for us.

If we can do this  I am sure that as the course of our lives start shaping up we will be able to sense more clearly the final picture.

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