Sunday, June 21, 2015

Reaching My Goal

It has been a while since my last post. I have been very busy. Nonetheless, I want to share now my happiness about achieving a big goal.

For a year or so, I had the idea in mind about publishing a book. It seemed hard, taking into account that I have no expertise whatsoever about writing a book.

One day while organizing an event where I brought as an activity for the group a well-known storyteller, I met her assistant. A young man, about to graduate in the studies of Communication and screen writing.

Over dinner, we talked for a while and I told him about my dreams about the book. He seemed interested in my story. A couple of weeks later I called him. We had a meeting at a local Starbucks. I brought with me all my drafts and parts of my blog.

After a couple of meetings, I decided to hire him. I knew he was going to be a good assistant in this goal, mainly because I had the hunch that he could see my essence. Something important to me.

During the next year and a half, he came home 8 hours a week. I would give him my drafts, writings I did on taxis, at night before going to bed, or in every occasion, I was inspired to write.
He organized the word file. He questioned some of my topics and he corrected grammar and so.
Having him by my side made me focus on the moment. Little by little, the book shaped.

I had on my mind a due date: June 2015 the book had to be ready. Having a date set made me work towards the goal with more action.

July 1st. Book presentation

How did I do it:

I had a Goal: Writing a Book

I had an Inspiration and Intention: Share my Story and thoughts to Inspire others.

I made a PLAN
- Dedicate 8 hours a week  on the book + any spare time I could. 
- Hire Help
- Set a due date.

I used this resources
-         Focus
-         Determination
-         Organization
-        Motivation
-   Curiosity (to learn about writing a book/ promoting it etc)
-   Trust (in myself)
-   Enthusiasm
-   Discipline

Reached my GOAL.

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