Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tasty Love Thoughts Salad

That is  my mind at the moment.

There is so much I want to write about, but somehow I don't find the way to get it all in order, sit down and  put into words all my thoughts.

So, here is a BIG TASTY Salad of miscellaneous love thoughts that come all the way from my warm heart,  my soul and my tangled just waked up mind.

I have been trying to explain to myself why  I feel this deep love for someone I have loved already for some time now and no word could describe my feeling . Any phrase I pronounced in my self talk didn't do any justice to the feeling itself. Imagine that, If I cannot even know how to express it to myself,  how could I explain others or even my beloved?

Then of course, Love doesn't need to be explained or labeled into a nice cute sentence. LOVE is about feelings, LOVE is about thoughts and LOVE is about actions.

 I decided to shift my concern, and think that being able to experience Love at such intensity is the best thing that could happen to me. Knowing I can love deeply makes me smile. I am  full of Love. I cannot keep it to myself, I need to share it, and find the way to let it  flow out of me.

We all Love in different ways, that, I have observed, and so I came to the conclusion that if someone loves me in a different way, it is not worse or  better, It is just different.

Love can not be purchased. Love can not be bargained. Love is not selfish and love doesn't look the other way.
Love expands by itself. It is not tangible. Love has no borders, no terms, no obligations. It just emerges from within, fills up your heart, numbs your mind, and fires up your heart.

It's language is far more advanced than any scientific mind can explain. It is about a silent connection of souls.

Reading what I just spontaneously wrote, made me want to write a love song.. I should try and do that!!!




  1. Your writing captures the true essence of 'what is love.' You should write a love song! I'm pleased to have found you.

  2. Hello Sandra!!! Thank You so much for every word! I am glad you felt the emotions in my writing and I guess that if you can sense the essence of it, it is because you have experienced love in a similar way ( fortunately!!) I am please you found me too! If you want to share your love story, I would love to hear it!