Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Cry of Help

When you do not connect to other people's emotions, there is no way you can experience their sadness, or perceive their hard and terrifying experiences. Even though they are sometimes hard to digest, I couldn't go through life not comprehending why others act in a certain way. What is their truth behind their actions, and why some are reaping dislikes, sorrow, bitterness, abandonment and finally walking towards a eventual surrender.

I have seen very closely, the cry of Help. And , it is one of the most saddest moments I have experienced.   I believe that we all have within the power to take control of our lives, the intelligence of finding a way to change the course of our experience. But I can now see clearly, that not everybody has the courage to give such an important step, not everyone has the containment of good people around. The arrival of fear, does not allow any light of faith.

I can understand also, that for some, acknowledging their past actions, their mistakes and bad elections,  it would imply such a deep and agonizing pain, that they would prefer not realizing it at all, mainly because without the strength to move forward and forget the past, they would fall even more into the desperation, guilt and rage and even their beginning of their slow death.

Falling into the darkness of life,the abyss of pain and regret and the comprehension that life itself has been wasted behind the superficial enchantment of  power, money, sex and the abuse of drugs and alcohol  is a stark reality that many prefer not to accept and therefore live in denial, not only harming themselves but those around them.

It is a challenge not to fall in despair when overwhelming situations of life come to us, it is a challenge to accompany others in their sorrow, and a challenge to seek the best for ourselves.  A challenge worthwhile.

I will keep encouraging myself and the people I come across life to follow this path. The road to enlightenment, the way to improve our inner self and the possibility to enjoy fully all the great adventures, moments and marvels that life has to offer us every day.

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