Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sad Songs Say So Much

I found myself meditating about the fact that most of the time I choose sad songs to sing or play in the guitar, and I came to the conclusion that the truth is that my heart has been broken too many times. I have suffered with my existance and often felt out of place, even though I had plenty of resourses to fit in most situations and people groups. Fortunately these feelings didn't create any  bitterness in me. On the contrary, I am  drawn to give love and peace to others.

I believe that all this turmoil and disorientation of my own purpose of living, has always been sublimated with love, passion, faith and the creation of peaceful, memorable moments, and above all, enriched experiences with also deep emotional people. Sometimes I have laughed with myself realizing that I have a special magnet towards deep, complex and emotional perplex humans beings. As the famous quote in Spanish says " Dios Los Cria, ellos se juntan" . Which it can be translated as an old English saying: "Birds of a feather Flock Together"

At some point I can see myself as a quite depressive person, but that it just a side of who I am, being like this helps me connect with other peoples sufferings and also appreciate deeply all the wonders of life.

There is also a great amount of effervescent happiness and whirlwind of joy and fun in my essence, sometimes hard to let it out to enjoy it profoundly.

Hopefully, the day will come, where  I will be able to let go of some essential responsabilities I have today,in order to enjoy fully just being "Me". Finally being free from social ties, and  from playing the game of "Life", to fit in.  I hope, That I can be wise enough to get this done.

In the meantime I will keep enjoying the music and all the emotions that I can express with my singing, I will keep on being spontaneous and authentic and finding the best way to surround myself with people consciously awaken with whom I can feel comfortable and relaxed.

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