Saturday, May 14, 2011

Living the Life of Your Dreams

Once you’ve realize that life can be seen through different eyes, more aware of all that surround us, the experience of living turns out to be magnificent. Every day is a new beginning, a chance to enjoy what comes up to us. The connection between you and the outer world links a series of new unimaginable events. You become oneness with the world and the universe, and you notice that you have a special, unique role in the whole. Your body sensations turn animated, no longer feeling numb.  Our capacity to be surprised increases and you find joy in little things that before couldn’t be appreciated.

So the question is, I imagine; how do we arrive to this state?

First of all I need to advice you that I am not a quitter, when the results I get are not the ones expected, I keep on searching for success. I don’t let frustration invade my passion and determination to achieve that for what I am looking for. There is always a way around things, we need to become creative, using our full potential and all those resources within to get to our goal.

Focus in the Present Moment. It is deeply necessary to move forward from our past and let go of all those expectations we create about our future. As the quote says “The past is no longer here, the future is uncertain, we only have the present moment”. Thus, focusing in what we have NOW is one of the major keys to take into consideration. 

Connect to how you feel. Pay attention to all those emotions that you demonstrate in front of different situations. Get to know you better; who you really are, your desires, your goals, your dreams.

Make a plan. Design your life. Set some achievable short term goals. Those goals will motivate you to keep on making changes for future achievements. Find the purpose on those goals. Why do I want to get to that result? How will it affect my life? How will I feel when I get there?  Be certain about what you will be focusing in.

Put all your energy into that plan. Leave aside whatever interferes with it. Surround yourself with people that will encourage you in that direction and will accompany you with love and generosity.  Get toxic situations or people out of the way.

Trust yourself. You can make it happen. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Live with passion.  When all that you do, you connect to it, and even if there is something in particular that you do not like to do so much, you find a way to enjoy it, it will become easier to cope with it and you will then feel satisfied with the results.

Give.  The way to really feel fulfilled and to get that fuel that helps us keep on moving into our target, is contributing into something that serves the greater good. Do whatever it is in your possibilities to help or assist others.

Adapting these steps in your daily life will definitely get you closer to the life you desire.  It will automatically change your state of mind and you will become happy and at peace. Every day your awareness and positive emotions will increase making you more conscious about all that surrounds you.

Do not lose your drive. You Can Make it Happen.  


  1. Beautiful article.
    I completely agree.

    I'd just like to say the great distintion between Trust and Confidence (in Spanish we don't have this distintion).

    Confidence has to do with self-estime.
    Trust has to with self-respect.

    So Trust is really the basics to establish the state you are inviting us to achive.

    Great job!!!

  2. Rodrigo, thank you so much for giving me your opinion and your insights !!!! Hope we can develop more ideas!!! Be well, Mariana